Wood shop

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Our Wood Shop is powered by JET Tools, featuring top of the line equipment as well as a first class air filtration and dust collection system. From lathes to sanders to a range of saws, our line-up equips our members to improve their many talents all in one shop.


Wood Shop Equipment

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Table Saws

  • 12” JET Table Saw with 80” Steel Top, 5HP

  • 10” JET Table Saw with Downdraft Section

Lathe 1.JPG


  • 16 x 42” JET Lathe

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Top of the line Dust Collection

  • JET Dust Collector

  • JET Air Filtration System

Woodworkers Bench.JPG

Planers and jointers

  • 6” Jointer with Helical Head

  • 15” Planer with Helical Head

  • 20” Jointer

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Drill PResses

  • 17” JET Drill Press

  • 12” JET Drill Press

Fort Houston has a variety of different membership options available, offering multiple levels of involvement to meet any need.