1/2 Dedicated Bench Membership

1/2 Dedicated Bench Membership

from 500.00

Access to All Shops - Wood, Metal, Screen Printing & Co-Working

  • 24/7 Main Floor Access, 9 p.m. Shop Curfew Access

  • Shared Work Benches (Scheduled Online)

  • 1/2 Dedicated Bench

  • Access to all tools & equipment (See Facilities page)

  • Access to Skilled Mentors

  • WiFi

  • Printing

  • Communal Kitchen Area

  • Networking & Business Opportunities

  • Must give 30 day notice at the beginning of your last month and you will not be charged

  • Your regular monthly invoicing will begin on your second month

  • You must remit membership payment by the 5th of each month

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You will receive an email from our team after completing your purchase with info regarding membership information and shop orientation. Feel free to reach out to info@forthouston.com with any question in the meantime.