Metal shop

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Our Metal Shop features first in class equipment along with various JET Tools, including multiple grinders, drill presses, bandsaws, welders and more. This creative environment will give you the opportunity to get messy and accomplish your goals, finish your project, or simply have a great time learning a new skill while working with high quality industrial equipment and producing professional grade work.

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Metalworking Machinery

  • Two horizontal/Vertical Bandsaws 

  • Drill Press 

  • 20GA x 30″ 3-in-1

  • 3″ x 79″ Belt Grinder

  • Belt and Disk Combo Grinder

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Finishing and Welding Equipment

  • 24″ Hydraulic Planishing Hammer 

  • English Wheel

  • Oxyacetylene Welding 

  • 125 amp MIG Welder 

  • 200 amp TIG AC/DC Welder 

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