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Photo Studio



Our photo studio is outfitted with everything

you need for a production of any kind courtesy of

PAUL c. Buff

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(3) Einstein Flash Units 

(2) DigiBee Flash Units 

CyberSync Wireless controller 

22" White High Output Beauty Dish 

(2) LiteMod Unit Mainframes 

(2) LiteMob Barndoors 

(20) colored gels and holders 

(2) 13' Air-Cushioned Light Stands 

 13' Combination Boom Stand 

 47" Foldable Octabox W/Grid 

 10 x 36" Foldable Softbox w/Grid 

64" Soft Silver PLM Umbrella 

64" White Front Diffusion Fabric

Multiple 9ft Seamless Rolls. 

Gaff Tape 

Rolling Combo Stand

TetherTools Cable